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Wines shipped from Enoteca Corsi are packaged in specially designed, thermally insulated Styrofoam “cellars” to ensure the safety of the bottles and to avoid them suffering  temperature swings during travel.

Thanks to their insulating capacity and design, the “cellars” can aThanks to their insulating capacity and design, the “cellars” can also be reused to safely store your wines at home by further protecting them from light sources and temperature swings; just like a proper cellar.
To further increase the protective nature of our packaging, the Styrofoam “cellars” are inserted in 3-ply corrugated cardboard boxes which are then strap sealed so as to prevent the risk of opening during transport.

For orders larger than 18 bottles wines are not singularly packaged in the “cellars” but are shipped in original cases of 6 or 12 bottles each.  The cases are placed on wooden pallets which are then cellophane wrapped so as to prevent shifting during transport.  The pallet in its entirety is then strap sealed to protect from being opened until arrival at its destination.   This system (which is used by the estates themselves when shipping world-wide) not only guaranties the transport in total protection, but also allows for larger shipments by saving space and thus cutting down on shipping costs.